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Nature’s Is-ness Is In Us

Dear God of All,

Help us to remember that nature IS. Its isness is what makes it special, nothing more, nothing less. Help us to recognize that same pure beingness within ourselves. Let us gently live into our sheer essence … the sweetness of our breath that naturally moves at ‘the pace of what is real’ without any effort on our part.* May we ever feel the thunderous beat of our glorious hearts, and may we recognize ourselves in the other, especially during clash or struggle.

Allow us, oh Divine love, to use the amazing capacities of our minds without attaching to their technical workings. May we always know that the mind is a divine tool, an important part of us but not the all of us. May we live into our inherent birthright … our Buddha nature, the Cosmic Christ within; individual beings connect to the All.

And finally, may we live in love, co-creating with all of Mother Earth and her creatures, ‘the more beautiful world our hearts know exists.’*

Quoted phrases borrowed from Mark Nepo and Charles Eisenstein respectively.*

(Photo by Ariana Prestes on Unsplash)