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Too Much

What is too much and how can we tell that it is too much? Society pushes a ‘no pain, no gain’ mentality onto us; ‘face the fear and go for it.’ But what if we reject this mentality? What if we reject this narrative and choose our own path? What if we listen to our bodies and the still small voice inside of us? And how, exactly, do we do this?

Lots of layers are currently being shed. I’m recognizing a guilt that’s been driving me but hasn’t been serving. Why does it take so long to figure things out and when will I stop making mistakes in order to learn the lessons I need to learn? Or perhaps, I need not call them mistakes, but test runs with the Divine? Not many things in life are truly mistakes if you believe everything is happening FOR you, not to you (which I do.)

As I’m currently in the discernment module for my master’s program, I’m learning a lot. I already know and use many of the skills but not all of them, and this statement is really landing for me in a big way: “Choose the people, work, and experiences that cultivate relaxation responses in your nervous system.” I have absolutely done this with the people and experiences in my life. But work? I’m in huge discernment around what comes next for me, how I’ll finish out my career.

So much is moving. So many questions. The Divine is leading me day by day. I remain open and in love.

Photo by Lukasz Szmigiel on Unsplash