The Studio Sage is a small, holistic, sustainable, yoga-inspired boutique situated in a serene wooded location on 19 acres, just two miles outside of Somerset Ohio. The boutique crafts all items with delicate care, including yoga-inspired wear (one-of-a-kind multi-use silk scarves/shawls made from well-worn and once-loved indian saris–from India!), macrame purses and market bags, as well as herbal and essential oil skincare and beauty products (herbal salves, solid perfumes made from essential oils, spritzers and sugar scrubs).

Products will be sold in the new greenhouse business, Legend Ridge Gardens & Greenhouse, beginning in the mid-summer of 2021 (stay tuned!), or visit us Saturdays on the square at the Somerset Farmer’s Market beginning in May. Other farm offerings include farm-fresh eggs, homemade bread, fresh home-grown produce and garden plant starters.

The studio is also in the process of setting up a 501c3 to give back to the community with the goal of teaching underserved populations how to sew and thrift-flip items, a valuable lifeskill and confidence-building activity. At this time, 100% of the sales from the boutique go toward the non-profit startup and supplies, as we look for grants to sustain long-term.

Owner, Heather Sage Church, is a longtime yoga teacher, embodiment educator and somatic meditation practitioner. She happily spent over a decade teaching yoga on three Ohio University regional campuses to young minds eager to learn these transforming gifts. Heather left OU in early 2018, as her mom was preparing to leave this earthly plane and her daughter transitioned into adulthood. At the lowest point of her adult life, Heather entered a two year dark night of the soul; she felt it impossible (and unfair) to teach what she couldn’t practice, but after a lot of introspection, prayer, and a deepening of her own embodiment practice, Heather decided to stay in the beloved yoga world by offering holistic and yoga-inspired products to her local community, and to continue to teach–albeit on a different topic altogether. In early 2021, she brought her husband, Jarred, into the mix with the joint decision to open Legend Ridge Gardens & Greenhouse. Together they combine individual strengths and a shared passion to both live off of and share the land they love with their community. CONTACT: Heather: heather (at) thestudiosage (dot) com & Jarred: jc (at) legendridge (dot) org.