The Studio Sage is a small private embodiment practice studio situated in a serene wooded location on 19 acres, just two miles outside of Somerset Ohio. The studio offers one-on-one sessions, small group classes and workshops, focusing on the subtler practices of yoga: embodiment, breathwork and somatic meditation.

* 1:1 classes offered via zoom or phone. Small group sessions will resume outside during the warmer months.

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Owner, Heather Sage Church, is a longtime yoga teacher, embodiment educator and somatic meditation practitioner. She happily spent over a decade teaching yoga on three Ohio University regional campuses to young minds eager to learn these transforming gifts. Heather left OU in early 2018, as her mom was preparing to leave this earthly plane and her daughter transitioned into adulthood. At the lowest point of her adult life, Heather entered a two year dark night of the soul; she felt it impossible (and unfair) to teach what she couldn’t practice. After a lot of introspection, prayer, and a deepening of her own embodiment practice, Heather started teaching again in late 2020 and opened the studio virtually. Contact: heather (at) thestudiosage (dot) com.