Hi! I’m Heather Sage, and of all the labels I most identify with, writer feels most true. It’s the thing I do every day. It’s the work I’ve spent the majority of my career doing. It’s the way my deeply sensitive, empathetic, introverted self expresses herself to the fullest. Writing is safety and vulnerability at the same time. Writing allows us to pose the questions, sit in wonder, and to eventually arrive at answers that are most true, for us. Perplexity and complexity. Both and, not either or.

In this current iteration of life, I’m completing a certification in Interfaith Spiritual Direction that doubles as a Master’s in Pastoral Counseling, and as a lifelong seeker, I’m thrilled to be dedicating myself to this calling and am discerning where the next phase of life will take me.

I am passionate about nature (creation spirituality), living a spirit-led contemplative life, the ways we embody the fullness of our lived experience, and how these ideas/disciplines intersect to create deep meaning. The stirring in my heart led me to begin creating a body of work I’m calling Embodied Liturgies. Right now, the collection mostly consists of prayers I’m writing, deep longings of my heart for the ways I want to live. I vision that it will eventually contain other words, ponderings, art and resources that explore the connection between spirituality, our lived felt-sense experience and the natural world.

In terms of faith, Contemplative spirituality and practice resonates most deeply, and I’m a Christ follower, but am definitely influenced by other non-dual eastern traditions. The thinkers who have most formed me include Thomas Merton, the great yogi sage Patanjali, James Finley, Joanna Macy, Teresa of Avila, Robin Wall Kimmerer, Richard Rohr, Mark Nepo, Julian of Norwich, Rumi, Mirabai Starr, Mary Oliver and Hildegard of Bingen.

I am grateful for the journey that is my life. I never could have planned any of it. I also recognize my privilege and the responsibility it demands. I pray every day for the Divine to use me in the capacities that most align with my soul, and at the same time contribute to the healing of the world. (Hint: I believe the natural world and our human embodiment both have something to do with it.) If you’d like to learn more about me and how my thinking has been formed, you can find my full bio here.