I’m Heather Sage Church, a writer, poet, yoga and embodiment educator, writing coach and therapeutic journaling guide.

My current daily practice is one of slowing down … a blend of writing,  journaling, embodiment (felt-sense practices), contemplation, movement, stillness, spending time in nature, mindfulness, yoga (asana, pranayama, living the discipline), blogging, sewing, snail-mailing, reading, learning, observing and living within the rhythm of the moon and natural cycles of the earth, and all other things that keeps me in the center of my being on any given day.

I am a member of the International Association of Journal Writers (IAJW) and am currently developing an embodied writing email course that blends reflective writing with embodiment practices, allowing participants to BE in their bodies and in their processes, thereby fully participating in their beautiful (and heart wrenching and joyful and sometimes hard) lives.

Journaling (therapeutic writing) has been my personal process for healing for nearly a quarter of a century. During my mom’s terminal illness and in the aftermath of her passing, journaling was the catalyst that helped me uncover trauma and a disregulated nervous system that I didn’t know existed. It helped me vision what the last half of my life will look like. It is my aspiration to help others heal through writing/journaling and embodiment practices––a blend of my yoga teaching experience with a personal lifelong practice (reflective writing) that I know will help others. In early 2020, I completed the ‘Journal to the Self’ Facilitator Course through the Center for Journal Therapy, and offer some of these techniques to students to help them on their journaling journey.

When I was actively teaching yoga at university, I wrote a short nonfiction book, Yoga Prayers, about the history of yoga, with links to essays about the 8 limbs and I’m currently working on a new book of poetry as well as a memoir about the lessons I learned in my decade-long teaching journey.

Yoga/Embodiment/Mindfulness Educator Bio

An E-RYT (experienced registered yoga teacher) 200 certified in Integrative Hatha Yoga from Samyoga Institute, I teach from this perspective, as well as incorporating Vinyasa, EmbodiYoga, Yin, and Restorative. Practices are well rounded, challenging students to find their edge while respecting their bodies and most classes are heart-centered, philosophy and breath-based and introspective in nature.

I found yoga in 1998, became certified to teach in 2007, and am accredited by the National Yoga Alliance. I am also a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT). I have certification and/or extensive coursework in Vinyasa, Pranayama, Yoga Anatomy, Prenatal, Yin, Restorative, Somatic Meditation, Trauma Sensitive Yoga, the Yoga Sutras, Yoga for Athletes, Storytime Yoga, Thai Yoga Massage, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and am currently immersed in embodiment studies.

As an adjunct professional on three regional Ohio University campuses for over a decade, I taught asana, philosophy, pranayama, ayurveda, embodiment and mindfulness practices every regular semester. Sporadically, I now offer classes for seniors, introducing mindful movement, at the local library, and a few times a year I share yoga, mindfulness and embodiment practices with cancer survivors through the cancer resource center at the local hospital.

Yoga is a beautiful practice and though I don’t teach as often as I used to, it’s fully integrated into my being. Life is a journey and yoga was a springboard into many avenues of healing. All overlap and intersect and I feel blessed I had all of those years of teaching and practice immersion.