Hello! You must have found my sweet little book and it’s my sincere hope that it lifts your spirit in some small way.

‘Love Letters for the Soul’ was written and birthed during the roughest period of my life to date, but I’m still here! And my message to you is that I’m glad you’re here too. YOU MATTER. Immensely. If you’re sad, depressed, or life is just not making sense, hang on. Maybe you’re one day away from finding your gift, your soul purpose, or meeting someone who will change your life forever, or maybe you’ll run into someone tonight who needs YOUR magic! You do know that you are magic, right?

Do I think this book will change your life? No, not specifically. Do I think my words matter? That would be a resounding ‘hells yes,’ but I didn’t always feel that way.

Life is hard. It is also full of wonder. Bad things happen. Good things do too. The gift I am giving you is possibility. Hope. Love. Magic. It is everywhere if you seek it, and the difference between a good and bad day is often directly related to your thoughts.

Hi. I’m Heather; that’s me to the right (or above if you’re reading this on a mobile device).

We are connected. All of us. All of life. But we mostly forget. We mostly think we are lone wolves out here tackling the world on our own. It simply isn’t true.

We’re living in hard times. We are living in a divisive time, a time of extreme ‘othering,’ and it’s up to us — all of us — to do the work of loving our fellow humans. No one will do it for us. We all matter and we can all make a difference. It’s as hard and as simple as choosing kindness. Even when it’s hard, especially when it’s hard.

So, yes, if you found my little book, please know this: YOU MATTER. Immensely. You have gifts the world needs. You are special. You can do anything you want to do. You have the freedom and sovereignty to live your highest good.

This little book is a reminder of that. I hope you’ll use it in a way that benefits the world …

  • Write your own ‘love letters for the soul’ and share with someone (or lots of others).
  • Pay kindness forward today.
  • Give this sweet little book to someone who needs an uplifting word.
  • Do something nice for someone else. Just because.
  • Listen intently. Listening is one of the biggest gifts we can give to others, and it’s free!
  • Love a little harder, especially those who don’t deserve it.

Thank you for allowing me to connect with you in this small way. If you were the recipient of this book, either by finding it or having someone gift it to you, please share on Instagram or Facebook (story or post) and use the hashtag #lovelettersforthesoul.

And one last reminder for good measure. You matter. You are beautiful. Life is better because you are in it. Spread the news. It’s true for all of us. I love you.