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I am undefinable. And so are you. What I am thinking about today is who I am, who I’ve been and who I’m becoming. I’ve had a lot of “flashbacks” lately — no, not the drug tripping flashbacks you might think of if you grew up in the sixties, seventies and eighties. I am simply having memory flashbacks of my younger years. I’m pretty sure it’s normal as we go through life. We look back, reminisce, obsess over mistakes and eventually integrate it all into our totality.

So undefined? The change that inevitably happens in life. I’ve put myself into boxes and categories for years and I’ve moved out of many of those boxes in the last few years. Lots of things changed when my mom passed and our only child moved out of the home. I reevaluated what was important. I made changes based on those evaluations and I continue to do so as time moves along.

I think a lot of people are afraid to make change. I think some people expect themselves and others to stay the same, but that is not for me. I like change. I thrive on growth and I accept new ideas, endeavors and challenges with open arms. Is it scary? Yes. But I also think it is important.

I haven’t written here as much lately. My time and passions have been thrown into other types of creativity — mostly sewing. In fact, I just created an LLC for my new business, The Studio Sage, and am in the process of refining my product line. I’ve sewn lots of things for myself and will continue to do so, but I’ll also be offering a few custom pieces on my business website, Poshmark, Etsy and in a few small boutiques locally. Mostly my passion is thrifting and upcycling which is becoming my business model.

I’m putting the pieces together and letting it unfold organically which has been sorta unsettling because I’m used to doing things quickly, but that’s a change I’m making deliberately because, honestly, I feel I need to.

And guess what? All of these things I just described might change over time. And guess what else? It is all totally okay. Thanks for coming along on the ride with me!


  • Angela

    I always love seeing what you’re getting into, and more importantly HOW you’re getting into it! Your creativity and evolution are inspiring. And YESSSS to change, it keeps us flexible and open to life. Sending hugs, Heather!

    • admin

      awww, thank you so much angela! that means so much. often i feel i’m all over the place, but truly i try to follow my heart & intuition. so much love to you sweet sister.

      • Angela

        I made the difficult decision to take a two month hiatus from teaching yoga. It was only one class a weekend, but I was starting to feel stifled. You are an inspiration for that. I can’t believe how I immediately felt better and how free I feel now, especially today would’ve been my first class for the new year. Listening to my heart and what my soul wants, even if I’m feeling a little lost and stuck and apprehensive. I know it will all work out beautifully. Again, thank you for setting such a beautiful example of following your heart. So much love you, Heather ♥️

        • admin

          i know the feeling exactly! the weight that’s lifted when you follow your heart. good for you for heeding the call! ♥️🙏🏻