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Writing for Inner Peace

Creating a Morning Ritual

Writing to Heal

The Art of Slow Writing

Claiming Your Story

Living in Direct Experience

Make Writing a Daily Priority

Waking Up

Benefits of Journaling

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My Life Is A Ritual
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Embodied Writing

Hi! I’m Heather Sage. Welcome to my little corner of the internet; I’m so glad you’re here.

soul fabric began as a personal space to blog about life, about the things I was seeing, sensing and feeling––exploring my humanity during a rather traumatic time in the middle of it.

A lifelong journaler, I began to see themes around the things I was writing about and started sharing more frequently here and on social media. Comments like “you’re reading my mind” and “I needed this today,” came often, and I knew I had to do something deeper with it.

Professional writer, breath educator, yoga teacher and journaling coach are some of the labels life has given me through the years, but at my core I’m simply an empath and a helper. Through my yoga teaching years I’ve learned that we are all more alike than different and that we are all trying to live the best way we know how.

Soul fabric is an offering, a bit of my heart in words + encouragement to help you glean a bit more from your life. I am fascinated by our beautiful human-ness and the ways we make meaning, as well as our inherent creativity and the necessity for us to self-express.

The Power of Morning Ritual: a FREE Guide

Ever reach the end of the day and wonder where it went? Do you feel exhausted by lunchtime? Or feel like all you do is run around catering for others when you get home from work? Family, school, work and extracurricular activities fall top of the priority for most of us. But what about you? Shouldn’t YOU be at the top of YOUR list too?

How are you meeting your self-care needs?

 “I don’t have time,” or “I guess I never really thought about it,” are the top answers I hear the most with my students and clients.

My immediate response?

“If you aren’t taking care of yourself, how well you are really taking care of everyone else?”

Constantly going, working from a never-ending to do list without any rest is taxing on the autonomic nervous system (ANS). Our bodies are beautifully designed to achieve balance and the ANS is a fine example of it. On one side is the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) which elicits a ‘rest and digest’ response, and the opposite is the sympathetic nervous system (SNS), aka the “fight or flight” response that automatically kicks in during an emergency or a crisis. Unfortunately, in our Western culture, many of us constantly live in the “crisis mode,” (SNS) with our never ending cycle of pushing our limits -to get more, do more, be more.

The one part of our day we can control is our mornings. Get practical tips for creating a morning ritual. Download the FREE GUIDE.