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Writing for Inner Peace

Writing for Inner Peace ~ Journaling Prompts (sentence starter prompts … springboards to see where you go)

I can and will cultivate a sense of inner peace by …

For me, peace is …

I feel most at peace when …

I bring feelings of peace into my days by doing the following …

I believe I can contribute to peace in our world by …

Bring your attention to your breath. Close your eyes. Inhale. Exhale. Pause in between.  Allow yourself to settle and really become aware of this moment. Notice your thoughts in this moment. Notice feelings, body sensations. This noticing is the first step of embodiment. It is presence. It is your deepest space of creativity … and you can access it anytime you so choose.

Now begin. Choose a prompt above and write. Allow yourself to feel the peace you are creating by focusing on it.

“When you are present, the world is truly alive.”  Natalie Goldberg

Yes, when we are fully present, our writing is alive and can teach us where to go.


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