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We Are One

We, as individuals, are one. We are one connected system, within ourselves. The body, heart, mind and soul share one system, yet the system is often not in agreement with each of the individual parts. Conscious mind, subconscious mind, deep wounding (still residing) in the body, the shadow self, false self, true self, all of our conditioning, our reactions … each of these live inside of us. We try our hardest to live the best way we know how, all the while these forces work on us in big and small ways.

We do the work. We begin to heal. We are better than ever, but in my experience, we never ‘arrive’ in this lifetime as perfect, completely enlightened beings. I used to think it was possible but I’m no longer convinced. I believe we learn and get better as life goes on. I also think we become healing balms for others the more we learn, grow, and are able to hold space for others, but we’re never exempted from the pain that helps us grow into more realized beings.

We are also one, connected to each other, so much more deeply than we can understand, though we act as though we are not, mostly because we are blind to it. God is in you, me, the trees, the bugs, all living things, big and small. Yet we live as though we have control. We live as though our reactions don’t affect others, our lives don’t affect others. They do! Beyond our comprehension.

Photo by Evie S. on Unsplash