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To Health With Ya!

Good morning! Do something to take care of YOU today. Even better, do it with your significant other. My sweetie made our juice this morning: beets, carrots, spinach, apple … yum!

The phrase he coined many years ago when we started juicing …

“To health with ya!” So I say, “To health with YOU too!

It’s a challenge to take care of yourself every day. At least that is what my experience says. If it’s easy for you, please share your tactics.

Every day is a balancing act. Drink 80 ounces of water. Move your body. Juice. Do something for your soul. Connect with others. Get out in nature.

It’s especially hard in the cold winter months. For me, its about being mindful, doing my best every day and to keep on keeping on. Some days I kick ass, others I fail miserably. It’s not about the end-game; it’s about the journey and what I learn in the process.