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The Mystery of Contemplation

“The more you are free of yourself, the more you shall find light, truth and understanding …“ Meister Eckert 

The practice of contemplation is more of an undoing than a doing and so confusing to the brain. I continue to practice each day. The following are excerpts that touched me from the Center for Action & Contemplation:

Our blessedness does not lie in our active doing, rather in our passive reception of God …

And so your unknowing is not a lack but rather your highest perfection, and passively to receive is your highest action. In this way you must cease being active and must draw all your powers to a point of stillness, if you truly desire to experience this birth within yourself. 

Christ is the fundamental ordering principle of the universe, allowing things to be as they are and holding them together in a deeper unity as they move toward their own ultimate fullness of love. 

This same idea is even more boldly stated in the Colossians canticle, in which “everything visible and everything invisible—thrones, dominations, sovereignties and powers—all things were created through him and for him.” 

The ordering principle is Christ; the gateway is through the human Jesus. If you sit with this long enough in meditation you can begin to understand this because it is also in you, emblazoned in every cell in your body. 

Photo by Johnny Kaufman on Unsplash

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