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The Body Never Lies

I’ll never understand why the mind tricks us into believing everything we think, so I learn to quiet the crazies and feel the beating of my sweet, brave heart.

“Don’t believe everything you think.” I remember seeing a bumper sticker with those words many moons ago, and that bumper sticker, those words, led me down a rabbit hole that is my life … yoga, pranayama, mindfulness, embodiment …

The mind is a powerful tool when harnessed correctly, and a deadly enemy when mindlessly led by it. Body-based practices lead us to ultimate truth. We were given these bodies for a reason, perhaps we should use them for good?!?

When the head says “insert thought,” drop it down; how does that thought feel in the body? Better yet, forget the thought. What is the direct experience of a situation through the felt sensation of the body?

These are the practices I ponder, study and play with each day, and today I took another step forward by working with an Embodiment Coach.

I am amazed at how much the body has to tell. The mind often lies; the body never does.


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