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Socially Connected While Physically Distanced

Language matters. How we speak and relate to each other matters. Today, more than ever.

What I’m thinking about right now is this new term ‘social distancing’ that’s been proposed throughout the COVID-19 national emergency. While I get the overall concept behind it and the necessity of creating more separation between each of us to slow the spread of the virus, the phrase feels isolating to me.

As a new work week begins and the majority of people are home, working remotely, I feel the energy of the collective flowing through me. A heaviness presses on my heart. I am not alone in this. We are far more connected than not. This virus is physically showing us that in very real ways. We need each other and we need to stay calm. We also need to listen to the public health experts and do our part to slow the rate of spread.

I acutely recognize the need to self regulate and discharge as much of the toxic, stress-inducing energy as I’m able. Personally, I’ve been practicing pranayama and somatic meditation every day, along with getting outside with my dog. As this outbreak unfolds, it will be even more important to continue and build upon these practices, as well as to make ourselves available to each other in whatever way we are capable. I am thinking about offering some somatic meditations this week, either on Instagram or Soundcloud. I definitely have tools and resources that others can use in this time of need. In the meantime, here is a rotation of consciousness practice I recorded a few years ago that will help you stay present and inside your body.

I propose that now is the time to be more connected than ever, not distanced, expect in physicality. Here are a few tips to normalize, regulate and resource:

  • Use embodiment practices to find safety inside your body; it exists and the mind can/will play lots of funny tricks on us to get us to believe otherwise
  • Stay connected to friends and family via FaceTime, Zoom and other video calling, or regular calls
  • As the weather warms up, visit with your friends and neighbors in outside settings, keeping appropriate physical distance
  • Continue physical contact with those inside your home; I don’t know about you but I need lots of hugs!
  • Keep your pets nearby as they are calming to your nervous system
  • Seek out online classes, ideally with video components to stay connected to others and learn something new
  • Send letters to those who are physically isolated, like the elderly in your local nursing homes

We are still socially connected, maybe more than ever, even though we must exercise less physical proximity. Yes, we are physically distanced in public settings out of responsibility for the collective, but deeply connected to one another on social, energetic and spiritual levels.

Sending love to each of you in this time of need. Together we are better.