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Optimistic Energy

Optimistic energy attracts all good things because it believes those things are already on their way. In fact they are.

Optimistic energy is a felt sensation in the body as much as it is a mindset (maybe more).

Optimistic energy is expansive and contagious.

Optimistic energy comes directly from spirit.

Optimistic energy must stay present to itself in order to attract more optimistic energy.

Optimistic energy sees the good in all. Even the ugly.

Optimistic energy is a byproduct of love.

Optimistic energy is the opposite of fear.

. . .

Fear is unbelief.

Fear is a belief in lack.

Fear is lack, not-enoughness, ego, limitation, reaction, a lack of love.

Fear stops us from being our best selves, living our best lives.

Fear has a felt sense too. It is different for everyone but there is always constriction in fear.

. . .

Please reread each section above, perhaps starting with fear then finishing with optimistic energy. Feel the words and the vibration in your body. Reread optimistic energy as many times as you need to and then go in peace, in optimistic energy throughout your day.

Photo by Seth Doyle on Unsplash