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Open Hands. Open Heart.

There is never only ‘one way’ to do things.

There are often many answers.

Sometimes, though, we ‘should ourselves to death,’ cling so tightly, fixate our brains on a particular outcome … when we only need to let go, surrender, and watch life unfold.

Life is always happening FOR us, not to us.

Life IS.

. . .

Why is this one of the hardest lessons to learn and why do we learn it, then unlearn it and repeat the same mistakes?

Over. And over. And over.

. . .

Why must we insist on being in control, as though we know best?

My intention, daily, is to love it all as it comes, to learn each day and to commit to keep learning, to lean in to the unknown …

because, ultimately, the unknown is the only certain thing that exists.

It is the flow that holds it all together.