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New Moon Intentions

I have set new moon intentions every month for many years now, but they look much different these days: there are fewer and they are smaller, more embodied, life-giving intentions instead of goals. Here are my intentions for the month ahead as we enter winter solstice:

THEME: Do Small Things with Great Love.


  1. Everyday presence. Fully connecting with my life. Embodying it.
  2. Movement. Outside.
  3. A grounded sense of calm.
  4. Non-profit research and knowledge for The Studio Sage. Yay! (This is my one big goal for the month.)
  5. Daily spiritual reading.
  6. Respect the season: daily quietude, lots of sleep, less screen time, more reading, slow yoga, conscious breath, staying home and cooking more.

What about you? Do you set monthly new moon intentions? Happy Season of Yin, y’all. Time to go within. Be still. I’m here for it!