being human,  embodiment

Let’s Be Amazing Together!

I have had many mini epiphanies about life since Christmas. Internal shifts that needed to happen, happened. I’d say ‘the old Heather is back,’ but that’s not really true. Something brand new is being birthed and I’m loving it/her.

So much of life has been really f*cking hard for two f*cking years, but I had to go through it to get here. I wasn’t sure i’d teach again. Now I know I will. In fact, I’m teaching now, just not in the same way I did before. I trust myself so much more than ever. I’m stronger than I ever thought possible.

I am changing from the inside out. I am eliminating bad habits that haven’t served me for a while. I am peeling back layers, seeing life more clearly, not judging myself like I used to, giving myself grace and inviting it all to unfold as it will – because it will. I might as well get out of my own way.

Soooooo, when life is hard,

hang on

lean in

let yourself feel

ask for help

give thanks


do what you need to do

and know that

‘this too shall pass.’

It may take days, weeks, months or even years, but it will, and you’re not alone. You are never alone—that is a mind-made illusion, a lie. I know because its a lie I’ve told myself far too often.

None of us know our soul’s journey, but we have to trust that we can handle the sh*t that’s thrown at us because we can!

Get out there and be amazing! I’ve discovered that I am (no, I’m not full of myself, I’ve just doubted too long) and I need you with me!

Are you with me? The world needs us!