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It is Time to Trust

I’ve been walking this path for a long time now. I’ve been trusting (and not trusting) myself for a long time now. It’s funny looking back over the years.

I wanted to become a yoga teacher, so I did.
I wanted to solely teach yoga, so I did.
I wanted to write a book, so I did.
I wanted to stop writing that book and change direction, so I did.
I wanted to stop teaching yoga and focus solely on writing, so I did.

I have manifested many things into my life, almost effortlessly, it seems, though I know that’s not entirely true. I’ve worked hard. I’ve had setbacks, and I’m still here, more committed than ever to my path.

Time is a funny thing. We live our lives, and the things we want don’t happen as quickly or as easily as we want them to. We struggle and push and force. (I’m damn good at struggle and push and force.) But through the struggle and push and force, I’ve learned that those actions are more of a hindrance than help. It’s only been in the last year that I’ve recognized that life from my soul’s perspective looks a lot different than life from the teeny-little-me perspective. I’ve changed directions so many times and they seemed random, but really my soul knew all along. I am right where I’m supposed to be.

I had an Akashic Reading today with an online friend I’ve known for years. Both yoga teachers and bloggers, there was an entire group of us doing almost the same thing when we connected many moons ago. We’re all still in the healing space, but doing very different things. Life is not linear.

The reading was eye opening. She told me what I already knew, but put a lot of things into context and perspective. She also drew a card for me at the end of the reading, TRUST. The spread is above. How appropriate. Divine and Ease are also significant. I am newly seeing life from the divine perspective, and ease is one of my words for 2019.

The reading and this spread are soul speak for “I know where I’ve been, where I’m going and what I need to do to get where I want to go.” The only thing stopping me is my finite lizard brain. The saboteur is a huge archetypal pattern that keeps throwing her hands up, blocking my way. But it’s time to be stronger than her. It’s time to show her who’s boss. Me.

The path is before me. The framework is set. It’s time to slow down, get clear and let it all play out in it’s beautiful divine timing.

I will allow and trust and love and accept and move forward.

It’s time … to trust that my soul knows … the way.