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It All Starts with a Wish

It all starts with a wish, but it becomes more than a wish with some will; that will turns into a specific intention, and goals set it physically into motion.

I am in awe of the human will to create, and I’ve been lucky (privileged) enough to do a lot of creating in my lifetime. I’ve come to see that I create because I HAVE to. It’s a deep primal force that I cannot explain. It has also become abundantly clear to me that I must give back in some way.

THE SHORT BACKSTORY: I started sewing again about a year ago. Learning to sew with my grandma as a child, the art was a tactile link to my past, a deep need to return to my roots. I simply couldn’t stop creating once I started. But while it quickly turned into a passion, I grew discontent at the money I was spending at the fabric store … so I started thrifting for fabric. I also began to research the incredible amount of waste produced by the clothing industry and my passion grew deeper: thrift, then flip the item into something I’d like to wear or carry. The more I got into it, the more ideas that flowed and it occurred to me: THIS is how I give back! Studio Sage was born.

THE MISSION: to teach underserved populations how to sew —specifically how to thrift and flip items into clothing and accessories, creating both an opportunity for learning a new skill and a way for students to feel empowered and good about themselves.

WISH > WILL > INTENTION > GOALS > SUCCESS! This post serves as the third phase of this cycle, putting my intention out into the world. I am also talking to organizations I can partner with as well as setting specific goals to take it over the finish line.

I have created a few items to sell through the studio and all proceeds go back into the mission. I am also seeking grant opportunities to increase reach. Check out the studio page here.

It’s amazing what we can create with our wishes, wills and intentions.