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Instead of Why

Instead of asking ‘why?’ maybe letting things go is the better choice.

Instead of asking ‘why?’ perhaps talking to a trusted friend would help.

Instead of asking ‘why?’ maybe I should get up and do something else.

Instead of asking ‘why?’ perhaps dropping the inquiry is better.

Instead of asking ‘why?’ would it better serve me to tap into other modes of knowing?

Instead of asking ‘why?’ maybe the better question to ask is: ‘how does this feel in my body?’

The mind is powerful. It’s also a saboteur. The body never lies. ‘Why’ is great to assess motivations and direction but when the why continually presents itself related to things we love, I’m certain it’s not helpful. No, it’s a diversion and a tactic of the ego to throw us off track. It invites separation, not wholeness.

Instead of ‘why?’ I’ll rest in the love that is present within, as it is, without questioning it.

(Photo by Юлія Дубина on Unsplash)