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Embodied Liturgies

For a time now, I have been interested in the ways nature (creation–the natural, non-human world) and our embodiment (our lived bodily experience) intersect with the Divine and our spiritual expression. 

Everything of God is infused with power, grace, beauty and wholeness, but our lived experience — in a capitalist, segregated world — fights like hell to conceal these truths from us. Their primary job is to separate us, from ourselves, each other and the larger world. 

This body of work I am forming, with the help of the Divine, is an effort to reclaim our birthright. We are already whole. We are already connected. We are already love. We are already free. 

I envision this as a space to dream, write and create, and as a humble offering of my heart. Liturgy means ‘work of the people’ and my primary hope is that these offerings reflect the highest, most connected places in each of us. Here I’ll share words (thoughts, liturgies, prayers, poetry, breath prayers), books, podcasts, inspiration from nature and more, related to creation (the natural world and our own embodiment). Honestly, I don’t know where this project will take me but I live in deep trust that the Divine is ever making the way clear before me. Thanks for companioning me on this divine journey.

(Photo by Ruslan Zh on Unsplash)