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Dust and Salt of the Earth

Dear Creator God,

May we ever remember from whence we came, that we derive from the dust and become the salt of the earth—the mundane and the divine—at once, as one. May we know and live into this truth deep within our bones. May we recognize our grandeur, not by our wittiness, or humor or intellect, but by our inherent dignity as human persons, made in your image.

Creator God, help us to re-member ourselves in our wholeness, the all of us, in our feet, gut, heart and knees. May we never again neglect our gorgeous human embodiment, but instead let it shine forth as a light of hope and transformation in a disembodied world.

And finally, oh Holy One, make us ever remember—with a deep in our bones remembrance—our connection to all that is in the created world: humans unlike us in all shades, colors and temperament, with myriad skin and gender and sexual preferences—along with the rest of creation—the mountains, oceans, poppies, deer, octopus, live oaks, ladybugs, lions, giraffe, and all other living creatures—grand, tiny, and seemingly insignificant to careless human eyes and intellects. We are one. With you.

(Photo by planetMitch aunger on Unsplash)