being human,  embodiment

Born Creators

We are all creators. We were born to create, and yet we forget. We go through the motions. We act as though our lives are not important, as though the choices we make don’t matter. But they do, very much so.

I had a conversation with a new friend a few days ago. She’s a photographer and a gifted one at that. She spoke of her brother and her daughter — the artists that each one of them are, and in that conversation she almost diminished her own art, her giftedness in her art, as though drawing was superior to photography. It isn’t. In fact, no one thing is better than another from the soul’s perspective.

Another gift she possesses is her ability to make others feel comfortable, confident and beautiful. She almost exclusively works with women, and in my opinion, doing so is a responsibility. I believe she feels that way too. Part of her purpose is empowerment and she does that job well. She certainly made me feel strong, beautiful and unique. That, too, is an art. My day with her could have gone any number of ways.

Think about that. All of our days can go any number of ways. We make choices for ourselves based on our experiences and the energy we feel from others. All of this got me thinking about art and creation and how we are all artists in our own right. We just forget. We dumb our lives down.

When I was younger, I loathed drawing. I was no good at it. But over the last few years I’ve been drawn to it, not because I’ve gotten any better, but because of the mindful activity that it is. Anytime I’m feeling out of sorts, drawing brings me to center. I play the ukulele. Again, not necessarily well, but I like it. I like the soothing sounds it makes and the calmness I feel. I take photographs and work on technique. I enjoy cooking — sometimes.

I write every day because I have to. I am not the same person when I’m not writing. I’m not well emotionally. Seriously, if you know me, be thankful I write … I journal. I create social media posts (with the intent of helping others feel better and/or think harder). I blog. I write copy for others. I write letters to friends and loved ones. I create emails all day long. There is always something in me longing to come out and writing is the craft that resonates most. Fitting words together that sound pleasing to the ears is gratifying, and even more so when the words resonate with others.

We create; we can’t not create. Our life choices lead to creation. Everything that comes out of us is creation: the way we decorate and organize our homes and workspaces, the ways we adorn ourselves with clothing, accessories and jewelry, the things we choose to cook or bake, the ways we move our bodies, how we communicate with others … all creation.

Something from (seeming) nothingness; human consciousness taking physical form.

Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash