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Aliveness is a Gift

I am learning to connect to my life by caring deeply about it, by being fully in it.

It’s not that I never cared before. My conditioning just leaned more toward rush and anxiety.

As my nervous system calmed, I learned new ways of being.

My beloved’s smile is a gift. A friend in need is a gift. The sound of the morning. Every sunrise and sunset. This delicious food in abundance. Sharing my life with others. Each day, night, breath. All gifts. And it is my job to savor this one ‘wild and precious life’ I’ve been given.

Please accept my apologies for not learning this lesson sooner.

I’m here now. Fully. Completely. Honoring the divinity that resides within. I love you.

I tend to my life and it gives back in ways I could never have imagined.

There is sacredness in the mundane existence of my days.

Aliveness is a gift and I am grateful.

Photo by Christina Deravedisian on Unsplash