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2021 Reading Goal

Yesterday I wrote about my goals for 2021 and one of my biggest ones is to read more books. Specifically, my goal is to read 108 books. I have set this goal for myself every year—reading more, not 108–this is the most ever. With my intention to lessen social media (and a pretty good follow through so far), I am making excellent progress. Everyday reading is becoming a habit.

I have read ten books in full so far and I have five that I’ll be reading throughout 2021. Each month I plan to list the books I’ve read. Below are the year-long books on my shelf:

  • The Book of Awakening: Mark Nepo
  • Do Something Beautiful for God: thoughts from Mother Teresa
  • Radiance Sutras: Lorin Roche
  • The Cloud of Unknowing: Unknown
  • A Calendar of Wisdom: Leo Tolstoy

I will list the other ten (and any others I read by January 31st) at the end of the month.

So far, these are all books I own, either in print or digitally. I just sold a huge box of books to the Paperback Exchange in Lancaster and I plan to start buying second hand or borrowing from the library. I have five other boxes in my basement I plan to get rid of. (If you’re a yoga teacher or are interested in yoga, I have quite a library!)

Part of living in the now is lightening the load. I have too much stuff I don’t need. Each month as I list books, I am willing to part with them by sending them to anyone who reads this blog, for FREE! Simply leave a comment and we’ll connect offline so I can send them to you. I just ask you pay it forward. Book nerds unite!

What books are on your reading list for 2021?

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