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    Don’t Just Live Your Life; Embody It

    You are crazy. Yep, I said it. Please don’t get mad at me for pointing out the obvious. I am crazy too. We are all crazy. All. of. us. The world is out of balance. Humanity has advanced beyond what anyone thought possible even fifty years ago. Science, technology. Amazing. But the collective mind has gone mad. We are ego-maniacs. We live in our heads 99.9% of our waking lives. It’s a sad reality. And until you are aware, you have no idea it’s happening. Think (no pun intended) for a moment. When is the last time you sat — without music, television, other words or distractions? Can you do it? What happens? Dialogue? A narrative? Lists? Thoughts of tomorrow? Yesterday? The brain is always in overdrive. And it doesn’t know how to stop. “Be here now,” is a phrase that simplifies the process of embodiment, and it’s not as far out there as you might think. I am on a mission to help people embody their lives every day. It’s a process. I call it Everyday Embodiment. Clever, right? We teach what we need to learn most. I am a recovering left-brainer. What does that mean? Left to my own devices — and unawareness, I live in my head…

  • embodiment,  featured

    The Life Changing Gift of Learning to Embody

    We live in an ego-driven society. It wouldn’t be too far off to say we’re all crazy — delusional even. We believe ourselves to be one thing, but that thing is almost entirely an image created in our minds. Our true selves are beyond thought, beyond mental projections, habits, even our physical being-ness. In many cases and places in the Western world, it’s every man for himself. Professionally the majority are all about making money and achieving the American dream. Striving to do better and become better versions of ourselves isn’t a bad thing. Making money isn’t bad either. But as a collective, we’ve lost sight of ourselves and our place in the world, why we are on this planet at all. We are here to further our evolvement. We are here to serve others. We are here to make the world a better place. I’ve been on a spiritual path for all of my adult life — I would describe myself a seeker. I don’t have all the answers, but I do feel strongly that we have a purpose to serve during this lifetime. I also believe that … Nothing happens by chance. We are all products of our unfolding, especially if we are living intentionally. I was lost for a…

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