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    The Realization Process

    I have been practicing somatic meditation throughout the last few years, though not as regularly as I’d like. Recently, however, I started a regular practice, specifically using Realization Process techniques. As a long time ‘dabbler’ in meditation, bottom-up approaches work far better for me than top-down and I actually feel like I’m making progress. I have been noticing small shifts not only in the practice but throughout my days. At first I wrote, ‘it’s not easy and takes effort’ but a more accurate statement is that ‘it takes effort only insomuch as I give time to it and get out of my own way.’ Today I thought I’d share a scholarly paper on the Realization Process developed by Judith Blackstone. It’s a bit heady but I’ve been studying yoga, meditation and other such topics for a few decades now. The following are excerpts and…

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    Making the World More Embodied

    When is the last time you felt your feet on the floor? Your butt on the seat? The tension in your shoulders? The spaciousness of your head? The quality of your heart? Embodiment, in it’s simplest form, points to these things––a felt sensation of the body. But it’s so much more. I have been immersed in yoga studies for over twenty years now and while I still read yoga texts, I’ve moved much more deeply into the topic of embodiment, a very real outcome of yoga if practiced this way. (Sadly though, some yoga moves us away from our bodies, even into a place of objectifying our bodies instead of owning them, feeling them. I personally am not interested in this yoga.) Embodiment at it’s core is about inhabiting the body and about celebrating the journey of living in a body. There is a…

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    Embodied Writing

    How often are you in your head, and can you, instead, reside in your heart or gut, or even your feet? Embodiment, in its simplest sense, is being present and ‘in’ the sensations of the body on a moment-by-moment basis. Another simple definition I recently heard is “living life informed through the sense-experience of the body.” Most of us, unfortunately, are foreign to this idea and we are in our heads quite a lot. We are thinkers and doers and overachievers (me included), but learning to drop into the body actually provides us with more information, more choice, a fuller life, and gives the brain a much needed break. Often we are participating in life but not fully participating. Have you driven somewhere and realized that when you got to your destination, you couldn’t recall the drive? Or been in conversation but didn’t hear what…

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    The Whispers of My Soul

    Little by little, we are led toward our final destination, and yet words fail. ‘Final destination’ is not a reality for earth. To coin a phrase I recently heard and like a lot, we are ‘always on the way.’ This phrase, for me, means continued growth, an uncovering of my true nature, that of love. The problem here on the earth-plane is that of forgetting, at least that’s been my experience. I have been a writer for the entirety of my adult life and most of my childhood, if I’m being honest. I’ve made my living writing for others, but as I started my yoga journey, I deeply felt the need to write for myself. I started a (different) blog back then and wrote thousands of words for myself and others. These were words from my heart, passion for new things I was learning…

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    2021 Reading Goal

    Yesterday I wrote about my goals for 2021 and one of my biggest ones is to read more books. Specifically, my goal is to read 108 books. I have set this goal for myself every year—reading more, not 108–this is the most ever. With my intention to lessen social media (and a pretty good follow through so far), I am making excellent progress. Everyday reading is becoming a habit. I have read ten books in full so far and I have five that I’ll be reading throughout 2021. Each month I plan to list the books I’ve read. Below are the year-long books on my shelf: The Book of Awakening: Mark Nepo Do Something Beautiful for God: thoughts from Mother Teresa Radiance Sutras: Lorin Roche The Cloud of Unknowing: Unknown A Calendar of Wisdom: Leo Tolstoy I will list the other ten (and any…

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    Goals for a New Year

    For many years now I have set personal and professional goals at the beginning of each year. I did so again this year but they look much different from years’ past. I have ALWAYS had something to prove, the result of a not-enoughness mindset. Thankfully much of my life’s inner work has been about seeing/understanding not-enoughness, the insideous ways it shows itself, and dismantling its ugly manifestations. I never would have had the courage to publish Love Letters for the Soul without doing so. I don’t have to be the best at anything. I only have to be myself. So while I still think it’s important to set goals and work toward them, my stance has softened. To me, life has shifted from acheiving goals at some far-off date to paying greater attention to how I’m living today. My goals for this year are…

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    Optimistic Energy

    Optimistic energy attracts all good things because it believes those things are already on their way. In fact they are. Optimistic energy is a felt sensation in the body as much as it is a mindset (maybe more). Optimistic energy is expansive and contagious. Optimistic energy comes directly from spirit. Optimistic energy must stay present to itself in order to attract more optimistic energy. Optimistic energy sees the good in all. Even the ugly. Optimistic energy is a byproduct of love. Optimistic energy is the opposite of fear. . . . Fear is unbelief. Fear is a belief in lack. Fear is lack, not-enoughness, ego, limitation, reaction, a lack of love. Fear stops us from being our best selves, living our best lives. Fear has a felt sense too. It is different for everyone but there is always constriction in fear. . . .…

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    An Invitation

    I find myself in a place I know well—a place of seeking less, a place of letting go, a place of learning to simplify. It’s a place I know well because I return to it regularly, mostly because I forget along the way. Life, it seems to me, is a series of forgetting and remembering—even some of our core qualities, the essence of who we are and who we want to be in the world. In my life I’ve had major periods of growth as well as stretches of lifeless living—periods of time where I’ve been completely disconnected from who I am and where I’m going. Life changes all the time but while some of the change is initiated from within, from a knowing place, other times it is unconscious. I’m pretty sure I’m in a period of being fully (mostly) connected to life…

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    Writing for Peace; Writing for Posterity

    I have been proving my existence through the written word for as long as I can remember—keeping diaries, journals, common place books, writing lists, poems, letters and more. It’s a deep need and desire within me and yet I cannot fully express the why of it, except that it brings me peace. But there is more to it than that. I wish I was one of those people who just lived and didn’t question my why’s, but if that was the case, I wouldn’t be me. And damn it, I love me now, finally, so I will learn to love that this is the way God made me. I really questioned my why of writing after my mom’s passing. It grew to an ever deeper need in the weeks, months and years following her earthly exit as I realized I had no words of…

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    New Moon Intentions

    I have set new moon intentions every month for many years now, but they look much different these days: there are fewer and they are smaller, more embodied, life-giving intentions instead of goals. Here are my intentions for the month ahead as we enter winter solstice: THEME: Do Small Things with Great Love. INTENTIONS: Everyday presence. Fully connecting with my life. Embodying it. Movement. Outside. A grounded sense of calm. Non-profit research and knowledge for The Studio Sage. Yay! (This is my one big goal for the month.) Daily spiritual reading. Respect the season: daily quietude, lots of sleep, less screen time, more reading, slow yoga, conscious breath, staying home and cooking more. What about you? Do you set monthly new moon intentions? Happy Season of Yin, y’all. Time to go within. Be still. I’m here for it!