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    Aging and Beauty

    As I'm growing older I'm thinking a lot about aging and beauty. We are lucky to be living in a time of such body positivity. Countless social media accounts promote loving oneself exactly as-is, and in doing so, the message is becoming mainstream -- how different from television advertising days of my youth. I taught yoga for ten years, and during that time I promoted body positivity, giving thanks for our bodies, owning our strengths and limitations. And while it's what I taught, I didn't fully live it. We teach most what we need to learn. I had body dysmorphia (and maybe still do sometimes) and while I acted empowered, I didn't always…

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    Today I Take A Little More of My Life Back

    On this day one year ago my mom told me she was giving up her fight with cancer. Less than two hours later my daughter, my only child, came home from school and announced that she wanted to transfer to her dad's school district. It was not a good day. I lived in heartbreak for months. I've never been prone to depression but that is exactly what I would call the period that followed. Nine years ago on this day my life was forever changed when I learned of a careless, reckless act between two people -- one person I love dearly, the other I barely know. It wasn't a good day either.…

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    Conscious Writing

    I've been a technical writer, content strategist and copywriter for the bulk of my professional career. It's not what I planned; it just happened. But as I look back at my college days I see the seeds. Getting older offers the gift of clear-er seeing. When I began teaching yoga over a decade ago, I felt a distinct pull to do more personal writing -- for myself and others. That practice has been a mainstay ever since. I'm calmer and more focused in the process. I understand myself in a deeper way. I see how my thoughts work (for and against me). Personal writing -- conscious writing -- makes me more me. For…

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    Questions I’m Pondering This Morning

    Life flows. But sometimes it stops too. Sometimes we can visibly see and feel a before and an after. I feel this truth distinctly in my mom's passing. It feels as though naivete was the norm while she was alive, whereas darkness has settled into life since. It's not an every day darkness. For the most part I'm still in love with life; things just seem more real than they ever have been -- and yes, some days totally do suck. I also continue to gain a greater sense of myself, a self I don't always like. Life isn't as happy as it was before, and I can't seem to get back to…

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    Finite Thinking in an Infinite World

    Earlier this week I wrote about how travel is good for the soul and created a post on social media posing the question of what it does for others. A yoga friend of mine said she loved to travel because of the anonymity of it; she loves being another smiling face in the crowd. What a beautiful idea, I thought, and it got me thinking about how travel connects us to humanity, how it connects us to each other. It reminds us that we are a small part of the greater whole. Travel humbles us and makes us realize that our every day lives are not as large as we sometimes believe.

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    Travel is Good for the Soul

    I wrote about lightening the load before I left for California last week. I feel the truth of it more deeply upon my return. Packing only a large backpack for a five day trip, I still took too much. I was a little fearful of a new place, a big unfamiliar city many states away. It feels silly now. Sure, being cautious is a good thing, awareness is necessary when traveling, but I made more up in my mind about how it would or could be than how it actually was. There were several surreal moments as we were traveling along Highway 1. My eyes pooled with tears that matched the saltiness of…

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    Lightening the Load

    M and I are taking a trip to California to celebrate her 18th birthday; I’m organizing to get ready. While I tend to travel (and live) light, each excursion provides an opportunity to examine how I can be more minimalistic. I love the thought of living out of a carry-on bag for several days. Today I reorganized my every day items, eliminating things I rarely use. I feel out of sorts this morning, but a little lighter too. While we can physically see that decluttering helps the home, we can also physically feel the act of doing so in our bodies. I know who I am and what’s important to me. Living with…

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    What People Think of You is None of Your Business

    My outgoing teen daughter has an issue with my social graces lately. Ms. Rosy Sunshine talks to everyone she meets, and likes to visit with friends often. She’s happy, funny and smart. Others enjoy her company. I remember way back when — I was her. Over the years I’ve changed. I would rather be alone — a lot. I recognized this in myself over a decade ago when I worked full-time at a busy government office. Instead of going out to lunch with co-workers, I’d typically pack, eat outside and take a brisk walk to clear my head. These days I work from home and I am in my element. I spend most days writing. We live in…

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    Examining Story & Truth

    How much of life do we go through believing everything we think, say and do is truth? How much do we judge others because of our own viewpoints, without ever really taking into account the other person’s reality? But reality infers truth, and most of us don’t know the depths of the truth that exists. We live, instead, in the stories. And I think most of the time we only scratch the surface. Each of us is the sum of our experiences, but there is more to it than that. We are the things that have happened to us. We are the things that haven’t happened to us. We are our parents voices.…