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Writing to Heal

Life gives you plenty of material to write about. Whether mad, sad, full of joy, rage, curious, life is full of surprises and writing helps us make sense of the confusion.

As I sit to write today, I feel regret … for how I behaved yesterday. While I have reason to feel angry and frustrated with a particular situation in my life, I unloaded on someone else. It wasn’t fair to her and I told her so today, but the feeling in my heart remains heavy. I feel shame for my actions and for discharging them through the spoken word. For me, writing and saying ‘I’m sorry’ are the only ways to move past them.

One testament to daily journaling is to simply let it out. I can’t undo what I did, but I can not let it continue to affect me. I can also choose a new story for myself. That new story is that my past trauma and wounds are healing as I write this, that I am better for writing this and that today is a new day.

Instead of drowning in doubt and fear, I choose empowerment, better words and better thoughts, the ones the make me a better me, ones that may help you too.

We are all doing the best we can, growing each day, if we choose it. This is how I choose it, by writing to heal.

Writing and embodiment are perfect complements to each other. We write to get it out, to understand how we feel, to GIVE VOICE to how we feel, and we use embodiment practices to determine how it’s all landing in our bodies. We use our felt-sense to determine how to move from where we are to where we want to be. Learn more about this dynamic duo in my upcoming embodied writing email course, Writing HERstory here.