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The Divine Elements

Dear Embodied God … Who Walked Among Us, Who Was With Us, Who Is With Us, Who Was Us, Who Is Us, in a certain sense …

Please show us what it means to be human, to be fully human, to live full human lives, instead of the shadow lives we often limit ourselves to. Please help us to stop, look, continue or pivot, based on what we see. Please grant us Divine Seeing so we may know and trust our sight.

Dear God, my own human embodiment tends toward the rush. She tends toward anxiety, overthinking, shame, and sometimes stagnation. While shame makes me not want to name these things, I know that in the naming I am set free. Please continue to show me how these things aren’t from you, and please grace me with the gifts that are of your essence: calm, equanimity, embodiment, love, movement, creation.

Oh gorgeous Divine Presence within me and within all, please grace me with a human embodiment that takes great pleasure in all of her senses. Please help me to ever recognize, and always in the moment deeply feel, the gifts of the elements of the Earth: space, air, fire, water and the land herself. These are divine alive qualities that we often take for granted. May we instead love them for what they are, in their base forms, and also for the ways their qualities shine forth from within us.

May we be as grounded as the earth below us. May water show us our sensual, emotional qualities. May fire transform us, help us to use our minds in transformative, healing ways. May the air around us remind us to breathe and to relax into the divine way of things. And may the ether, space, heavens, show us that there is so much we don’t know, and that that is okay; we’re not supposed to.

May it ever be so.

(Photo by Ivan Bandura on Unsplash)

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