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Soul Fabric Repurposed

It seems auspicious that I named this blog soul fabric many years ago and that the name may turn into a small non-profit I’m thinking of starting. It absolutely fits. Let me explain …

For about the last year, I’ve been contemplating ways I wish to give back to the world, and after learning the art of ‘thrift-flipping,’ it occurred to me that I could teach others to do it too. Specifically, I’d like to teach underserved populations both how to sew and how to thrift items (fabric) and flip them into a size that fits or into something else entirely, because I believe it’s a valuable lifeskill, especially if/when on a budget.

Sewing my own clothes and accessories has given me such a sense of pride and accomplishment throughout the last year, so much so (sew, lol) that I now have a goal of hand making and/or flipping my entire closet by the end of 2021. It’s important to me for a variety of reasons and I feel called to help others learn to do the same thing, or a the very least, make a few well-loved items they can feel proud of while learning a skill that will see them through the rest of their lives.

I am only in the beginning stages, but have meetings set up with contacts who can get me to the right people, as well as our attorney, as we sort through the feasibility and advantages of setting up a 501c3.

We currently have an LLC and DBA, Studio Sage and Legend Ridge Gardens and Greenhouse. Legend Ridge is a small greenhouse that sells plants, flowers, farm fresh eggs and homemade bread, and Studio Sage sells handmade items such as sari shawls, macrame purses, essential oils and all natural skin care products, at the greenhouse and at our local farmers market.

Until I understand the legal aspects of mixing for-profit with non-profit (whether I can run a 501c3 under our LLC or not), I don’t know what name it will get filed under, and if it is not advisable to mix a for-profit LLC with a non-profit, Soul Fabric will become the name of our small non-profit endeavor which makes me very happy.

When searching for names for this site many moons ago, I wasn’t sewing regularly (nor writing about it) but I liked the name ‘soul fabric’ and thought it was a good name for a blog about life. If the non-profit becomes soul fabric, I’ll likely still write here about how life is unfolding, because it’s all relevant and connected. Soul Fabric is all about living life intentionally and this non-profit is nothing short of that, for me. Life truly is amazing! More to come as it all unfolds; stay tuned.

Photo by Cam Morin on Unsplash