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Simply Being Alive

Oh Divine Light who moves us, loves us, sustains us,

We thank you for life. Thank you for the rain, the sun, the wind, the snow. Thank you for the grass, the trees, the rocks, the dirt, the sand. Thank you, God, for the deer, the turkey, the chipmunks, the squirrels, the rabbit. Thank you for all beings, human, non-human, big and small. Thank you for these beautiful beings that snore at my feet, who show me your love every single day. Thank you for the graduation of darkness into golden morning light. Thank you for beingness, consciousness, life. May we always live in gratitude for these simple pleasures.

Dear God, why do we know but continually forget? Why do we go to our heads more than our hearts? Can you help us remember? May we ever, deep-in-our-bones know that in you we live and move and have our being. May we remember that we are being breathed in love, with each breath we’re given. May we deeply know that it is you who beats our hearts. May we realize that outside of you, nothing exists. May we ever know these truths deep within our hearts, and may that knowing transform us, mold us, make us.

Thank you for silence, for presence, for love, for life. Please place in our hearts a desire to know you in the ordinariness of simply being alive. Yes … Sitting; praising God. Standing; praising God. Walking; praising God. Breathing; praising God. Hearts beating; praising God. Being; praising God.

May it be so.

(Photo by Caroline Hernandez on Unsplash)

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