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Reasons for Starting a Vlog

For some reason, anytime I start something new I feel compelled to justify my WHY. I’m speaking here of my forays into vlogging. Why am I embarking on this new task? Why does it feel a bit monumental? And why do I feel kind of dumb about doing it, like I think I’m so important that others will want to see me on film? The answer to the last question is that I don’t, but I’ve hidden for too long; I’m in the process of putting myself out there more in an effort to stop hiding.

They say, “the way you do anything is the way you do everything,” and I think that’s true. If I take the time to do something and it feels important, I’ll go all in; I’m not a half-asser. Since I created my first vlog last week, I’ve read all about the craft and watched endless videos to learn tips on how the best vloggers do it.

Merriam-Webster defines vlogging as a blog that contains video material, but most vlogs are about people recording their days. While I may make a few like that, I’m more interested in telling a story and learning new ways to be creative. I’m interested in combining the things I love into a vlog — writing, nature, poetry, living a soul-filled life, being embodied … all the things I write about here. And while I’m not interested in being in front of the camera, I think I need to force myself into it because of my uncomfortability. Surely I’ll get better through the process.

I have realized through mom’s death and the unpacking of my life with and without her in the months that followed, that she never had a voice — and that I, in many ways, was going down the same road. I also have nothing tangible of my mom now that’s she’s passed. She left nothing in writing. I have few pics of her, and little recollection of conversations with her; she spoke very little. Because of this, leaving pieces of me is extremely important. My writing has always been ‘my voice,’ but over the years my speaking voice has weakened. I am turning to a vlog to reclaim it.

Here are some of the main reasons I am starting this new little adventure:

  1. For Madison: I want her to have pieces of me when I’m no longer here
  2. To record life in a new way
  3. To see and hear myself on film (to stop hiding)
  4. To foster deeper creativity
  5. To slow down and reflect
  6. To learn a new skill
  7. To share my words through a different medium (I’ve always communicated via the written word)
  8. To help me believe in myself more

Who knows where this all will take me. That’s exciting too. My head says things like: ‘this feels huge, there’s such a learning curve, you’re not in your twenties, Heather, why?’ But “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Gotta start somewhere. I hope you’ll follow along here and on my YouTube channel. It’s great to connect! More to come as it all unfolds.