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Plans for a Cut Flower Garden

I had a vision when we first moved to the 19. It consisted of flowers everywhere. I declared that I wanted to be a flower farmer that year, but much of the time was spent landscaping around the house and growing vegetables instead. My flower farm plans were put on hold.

We’ve had a successful vegetable garden for the last four years but at the end of last season, we decided we’d grown too much. Both of us too busy to sell at the farmers market, we gave away much of our crop to friends and family. It sure would be a lot more fun to give flowers away, I thought.

I love summertime, growing a garden, spending time in nature, and I get an itch around this time each year. Winter has dragged on. It’s time to be outside, or to at least look forward to that time, and this year’s ‘a ha’s’ about my health have made it even more clear that I need to regularly step away from this computer, do something with my hands, be outside and in my body. So, a few weeks ago, I revisited my intention from four years ago.

I declared to J that I wanted to start that micro flower farm we talked about. I told him I wanted to turn half of the garden into a cut flower garden. “Let’s start small and see where it goes,” I said. To my surprise, he agreed.

On Valentine’s Day, he bought me some starter pots and seeds. I bought a book about cut flower farming a few weeks before that. A few weeks ago, we went to our favorite greenhouse to pick out the varieties we wanted and get a few supplies. Last week, we sowed the seeds.

In true Heather fashion, I have grand ideas about how it will all go, but for now I’m just enjoying time spent playing in the dirt.