being human

Lightening the Load

M and I are taking a trip to California to celebrate her 18th birthday; I’m organizing to get ready.

While I tend to travel (and live) light, each excursion provides an opportunity to examine how I can be more minimalistic. I love the thought of living out of a carry-on bag for several days.

Today I reorganized my every day items, eliminating things I rarely use. I feel out of sorts this morning, but a little lighter too. While we can physically see that decluttering helps the home, we can also physically feel the act of doing so in our bodies.

I know who I am and what’s important to me. Living with less is one of those things. It’s funny how unbalanced life becomes when we’re not mindful; I’ve not been as mindful as I could have been with my things, and then I got stuck.

The stickiness caused rigidity … in my heart and in my mind.

Today I lighten the load.

I gain a step toward the freedom I seek.

Photo by Megan Hodges on Unsplash