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“Life Sucks and Then You Die”

Where did that saying come from and why did so many of us buy into it?  And if we bought in, what does that mean for our lives?

There are literally thousands of things to be aggravated with each day — traffic, electronic malfunctions, unkind people, general hassles, minor inconveniences — but how much does aggravation help? Does it help at all or does it make things worse? In my experience, the latter is true.

“Thoughts become things” is a statement I latched onto years ago. I don’t absolutely know it’s true, but it certainly feels true. Every time I allow myself to get caught up in frustration, it seems frustration expands and grows worse, but when I allow myself to stay calm, I conquer the situation, or at least weather it better.

Life is as we look at it. Things don’t happen to us, they happen for us. This is a hard concept to grasp when life sucks. Because sometimes it does. I choose to frame situations from the soul’s perspective instead of the ego’s view and it makes a big difference.

The next time you think “this sucks” or “I hate my life” or “why me?” or the infamous “life sucks and then you die,” how can you reframe it? How can you choose to grow through adversity? As much as it sucks when you’re going through it, it doesn’t have to linger beyond the situation itself.

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