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Do No Harm But Take No Shit

Something I’m thinking about today, after a situation this weekend … I’m all about peace, love and light, but people with their own agendas who don’t listen and discard other people’s feelings, seriously piss me off.

Sometimes I’m flabbergasted at the way people act, giving no thought to other people’s feelings. I talked with a close friend about the situation and she suggested I say something. “How can people change if they don’t know the things they do that hurt others?”

I whole-heartedly agree, but given the relationship, it’s not my place to do the talking, and J (my husband) avoids conflict. He brought the situation up again last night, sorting out a remedy in his head. I’m glad he’s continued to process it.

The moral: do no harm, but take no shit, or like my grandma used to say, ‘shit on me once, shame on you, shit on me twice, shame on me.’ I am in control of my life. I am not a victim. The way we treat others’ matters, and the way we treat ourselves is equally important.

We’ll move forward based on past behaviors, doing what’s best for us; instead of obliging for the sake of being nice.

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