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Craving Depth

I crave deep conversations with people who are real, wholly and unapologetically themselves, people who listen with their hearts and share what’s inside of them, without fear of judgement, knowing the same will be reflected back.

I don’t have much patience for casual meaningless conversation & ‘chitchat.’ I wish I did. I’d probably be more likable. Instead, I crave deep conversations & meaning, and I was blessed to have two interactions like this yesterday … one with a friend (who also happens to be my amazing massage therapist) and another with a new colleague at OU. I shared parts of me that I don’t share with just anyone & they did the same. There was deep listening, reflection & heart connection.

Normally I’d come home thinking, did I share too much? And there was a little of that last night, but it was just my mind overthinking (almost all of us do it). The energy I felt in my body during each of these interactions was ease … so thats where the answer lies, thats where the truth resides.

My God, it has taken work to get to this place … deep inner work, counseling, coaching, studying, learning to witness myself and my patterns, mindfulness & embodiment practices, self love & acceptance … all by-products of yoga! It’s my life’s work. I’m no longer teaching in the classroom setting, but as another friend pointed out earlier this week, I’m still teaching. I guess it’s true.

Now embarking on a new technique, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), I’m adding more depth to my own practice and to the offerings I can provide.

I am in love with life. Never bored. How can anyone ever be? There’s so much richness here, if we care to stop, look, feel and be present to it all!