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Conscious Writing

I’ve been a technical writer, content strategist and copywriter for the bulk of my professional career. It’s not what I planned; it just happened. But as I look back at my college days I see the seeds. Getting older offers the gift of clear-er seeing.

When I began teaching yoga over a decade ago, I felt a distinct pull to do more personal writing — for myself and others. That practice has been a mainstay ever since. I’m calmer and more focused in the process. I understand myself in a deeper way. I see how my thoughts work (for and against me). Personal writing — conscious writing — makes me more me.

For about the last five years I’ve wanted to author a book, not because it’s what I want to do professionally (I like my job), but because it’s a bucket list item I want to check off. I want to call myself an author. Is that dumb? Maybe, but it’s the truth. And I’ve discovered that reason is not good enough.

I actually wrote a book during my yoga teaching years but never published it. I’ve been trying to get it over the finish line for the last year but it’s not in me anymore. I’m not that interested in the topic. I can’t do anything I’m not passionate about.

So I write (other things) every day and continue to let life sort itself out, and in that process I keep having flashes of what I’m supposed to do. I write every day but it’s often not for others’ eyes.

I write to clear the fog and the voices, to change my mind about things, and to express sheer joy for this life I’ve been blessed to live. I write when I’m pissed off and confused. I write about my goals. I write letters. I create lists. I write every day for my sanity and to keep moving forward.

It occurs to me that this is a practice, a life practice that lots of others might also do or might want to do but don’t know how to get started. I’m working on something special, something I’ve needed myself … an outline for a conscious writing life, a practice of going deeper and connecting with self. I’ll reveal more soon. For now, just know that my hair is on fire and I’m excited once again.