being human

Collective Healing Changes the World

Do you ever think about what you’re doing here on the earth plane? That seems to be my central question of each day. I am always trying to make meaning of life, make the moments matter, be better than i was the day before. Sometimes I am too much. Sometimes I feel abnormal, too intense. Do I feel too much? Write too much? Question too much? But all of this is authentically me; it’s who I am, and shouldn’t that be good enough?

For the longest time, I hid my gifts. I hid, period. But age is funny. It puts everything into perspective; it provides the ability to look back and see the ways I could have done things differently. I have many things I would change in those early years, but I can’t change the past, and thinking too much about it is wasted energy. My focus now is bettering myself each day, bringing presence to each day so I can consciously direct my future.

As I continue to expose my unmet, un-dealt-with trauma, I give the little me the love she so desperately wanted but never received. I tell her she is beautiful and full of love. As a result, she begins to live in that love & creates a far different life for herself.

I’m learning that most of us have these little girls (and boys) inside of us. I’m learning that we are all more alike than different; we’ve just been conditioned otherwise. We all have trauma, and our collective healing is what will change the world. I’m in. Are you?