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A Liturgy in Service to Wholeness

Dear God of All …

Instead of asking ‘why am I just now ‘getting this?,’ may I be grateful for a recent divine discovery: that nature isn’t out there; it’s in me too. Yes I am nature in equal measure to the birds, beasts, oceans, stars, raging fires and blades of grass. I am a seamless part of the whole, and I see now that my job is to live into that wholeness, to live into this theology of wholeness I’ve uncovered, within myself and within every alive thing that exists.

Spirit is whole; ego is fragmented. May I live in wholeness, dismantling fragmentation whenever I find it in myself. Spirit is truth; ego is non truth. May I ever live in Divine Truth.

May I also recognize that my inherent brokenness as a human is not a curse. No, it is only that way if my mind attaches that meaning to it. Instead, may I acknowledge my brokenness, all of the lessons it has to teach me, the ways my flaws continue to lead me toward wholeness when I let go and allow … wholeness is the state we are ever beckoned toward.

May I also recognized complete sovereignty in this lifetime, as a blessed child of God. May my embodiment be complete, sacred, palpable. And may I recognize my divine aliveness, never cutting anything off. Being present with the All. Always in FLOW.

May it be so.

(Inspired by ‘The Stranger Among Us Is the Stranger Inside Us‘ by Karen Erlichman)

(Photo by Andreea Popescu on Unsplash)